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LIAN TENG has the manufacturing capability to produce heading machines
of various sizes and designs. Available product lines include the YH series,
the ZH series, and the Round Cutter Style series.

Choose the machine series that meets your needs. Available models include:

Standard Model click here

The standard model is highly affordable and very easy-to-use, but operates
with a higher noise level and discharges a higher volume of machine oil than
other models.

Sealed Model click here
With its completely airtight design, the sealed model has the lowest noise
emission level and is environmentally efficient. Although priced higher than
the other models, the sealed model combines advanced features with a
more sophisticated set of control settings.

Half-Sealed Model click here
The half-sealed model is a cross between the two other models. It is relatively
easier to operate than the sealed model and more environment-friendly than
the standard model. This is currently the most popular choice among our