One-Die, Two-Blow (Category A)
LIAN TENG has a proven track record in manufacturing all types of one-die,
two-blow heading machines. We are capable of building one-die, two-blow
heading machines of various sizes to address the different size requirements
of our customers. To back our commitment to quality, we guarantee our
products against component and manufacturing defects for one solid year.
Should the product fail under normal and proper use within the warranty
period, we will provide post-sale service completely free.

Custom-Made Specifications
Customer specifications vary greatly in the current market. In addition to
delivering equipment based on standard specifications, LIAN TENG has the
capability to customize existing one-die, two-blow heading machine designs to
meet the needs of our customers. To ensure the customization and product
quality, our quality assurance specialists perform extensive testing on the
customized equipment that we produce.

Maintenance and Repair
At LIAN TENG, we are committed to providing customers with the fast, quality
post-sale service. We ensure a more-than-adequate stock of spare parts for
our standard models to provide repair and maintenance service at the shortest
possible time. Customers receive excellent service from our highly professional
and highly trained team of service specialists.