From Yih-Wen to LIAN TENG
In 1968, A-Zhuan Chang, the first chairman of the Board, and Chunli Chen
founded Yih-Wen as an iron works factory committed to delivering quality
equipment and providing excellent customer service. Yih-Wen built its
reputation around the ideals of innovation, precision, and perfection –
a “better than best” alternative to existing competitors. These ideals later
became the three core values by which the Yih-Wen management and
employees conduct business with partners and customers.

In 1993, LIAN TENG was established, inheriting over 30 years of
manufacturing experience from Yih-Wen, to penetrate the international
market as a provider of quality equipment. Under the combined leadership
of Chairman Chinchi Chang and General Manager Chinhsien Chang,
LIAN TENG continues to deliver cutting edge innovations and produce quality,
affordable equipment that meets market demands.

Continuing the Pursuit for Excellence and Innovation
With over 30 years of expertise and experience in manufacturingheading
machines, LIAN TENG continues to live by the core values that fueled the
company’s success in its early years. With a sales and marketing network
extending across major countries, including the US, Europe, South America,
Egypt, Taiwan, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan.
LIAN TENG continues to build its solid reputation as a leading innovator and
provider of high quality products and services at competitive prices. Our
extensive experience in manufacturing and design enable us to deliver
products based exactly on customer specifications.

We believe that the quality of our products reflect on us. This is why we use only
the highest quality materials, follow strict quality assurance processes, and
manufacture products according to the most demanding quality and reliability

EN ISO 12100.EN 60204-1

ISO 9001:2008

Professional Service, Guaranteed Quality
LIAN TENG manufactures superior quality equipment of various types and sizes,
all based on the specifications provided by the customer. In cases where
customization is required by the customer, we ensure the long-term availability
of product components to guarantee speedy maintenance service in the future.

By consistently providing quality products and excellent customer service,
LIAN TENG stays ahead of the competition and continues to be one of the top
choices in the industry.